The Publications New Long-Form Website Byliner Loves

An impressive new website from Byliner brings together thousands of long-form journalism stories all in one place

The Byliner Pie Chart.jpg

The Byliner made a big splash when it debuted in April with a Jon Krakauer-penned takedown of media darling Greg Mortensen and his schoolbuilding organization in Afghanistan. The 25,000 word story blasted to the top of the Kindle Singles charts in just six hours, and the site's been off and running ever since.

Today, the full Byliner site launched and it's impressive. Along with the "Byliner Originals," the company has compiled a list of what thousands of long-form journalism stories. If you like magazine features, you will absolutely love paging through the site. (And the homegrown long-form curators Longreads and must be swallowing hard and preparing to spend a few more hours in the office.)

In any case, we were curious which magazines the Byliner focused on, not least because our own magazine has published its fair share of excellent long stories. So, Nick Jackson and I went through and compiled a list. Here's how we made the pie chart: We looked at the total number of pages of stories on the site, which was 790, and then looked at how many pages each individual magazine had. Each page holds 10 stories: There are roughly 1,460 New Yorker and 380 Outside stories on the site, for example. We might have missed a couple publications and or given a few more stories to these pubs. But this is a very close approximation of Byliner's current holdings.

Here are all the publications that Nick and I could find with more than one page of results.

The New Yorker 1460
New York Times 650
The Atlantic 600
New York Times Magazine 600
Outside 380
Vanity Fair 300
Sports Illustrated 260
Wired 250
Esquire 230
New York 190
Texas Monthly 180
Slate 160
GQ 140
The Guardian 130
Harper's 130
New York Review of Books 120
ESPN the Magazine 120
Fortune 120
TIME 100
The American Scholar 100
Rolling Stone 70
Newsweek 60
The New Republic 60
Smithsonian 50
National Geographic 50
Salon 50
Mother Jones 50
Forbes 30
The Believer 30
Fast Company 30
Vogue 20
Philadelphia Inquirer 20
Daily Beast 20
The Observer 20
Details 20
Wall Street Journal 20
Portfolio 20
Village Voice 20
Elle 20
Runner's World 20
Other 990

Full disclosure: Conor Friedersdorf, an Atlantic associate editor and long-time curator of longform, has consulted for Byliner. And I have a small upcoming project launching with Longreads.