Poll: Twitter Is More Civilized Than Fox News

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The daily chatter on Fox News is less civilized than the constant stream of tweets, rants and witticisms on Twitter, finds a new poll asking Americans to assign a degree of incivility to 25 American institutions. The survey, conducted by Weber Shandwich and Powell Tate in partnership with KRC Research, polled 1,000 Americans about uncivil behavior in American society. The findings went beyond the conservative cable news channel and the microblogging service. The most uncivil institutions in the country were pop culture (75 percent incivility rating), media (74 percent), government (73 percent) and the music industry (71 percent). Fox News came in at 51 percent and Twitter came in at 38 percent followed by MSNBC, 37 percent, and CNN, 32 percent. The survey didn't offer a definition of uncivil behavior but one can imagine the most uncivil aspects of Twitter and Fox News being like some sort of contest between Glenn Beck and Greg Gutfeld on one side and ShitMyDadSays and Cranky Kaplan on the other. Politico published the whole incivility list this morning. One does wonder, of course, if part of this has to do with how many people have or haven't actually been on Twitter:

Pop culture: 75 percent

Media: 74 percent

Government: 73 percent

Music industry: 71 percent

American public: 70 percent

Professional sports: 68 percent

Schools: 63 percent

Republicans in Congress: 60 percent

Supporters of the tea party: 60 percent

YouTube: 58 percent

Democrats in Congress: 56 percent

Blogs: 55 percent

Fox News: 51 percent

Social networks: 49 percent

American business: 48 percent

Twitter: 38 percent

MSNBC: 37 percent

CNN: 32 percent

The New York Times: 29 percent

President Obama: 28 percent

Workplace: 28 percent

Oprah: 17 percent

Friends and family: 13 percent

Conversation at dinner table: 7 percent

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