Infographic: It's Walmart vs. Amazon in the Retail Showdown

Walmart, the biggest of the big-box retailers, employs more than two million people and controls about 13.4 percent of the consumer market in the United States. But Amazon, which is the online equivalent in that it was one of the first on the scene and is the largest digital retailer, controlling 1/3 of e-commerse sales in the U.S., could put up a fight. And that's how it's framed -- as the the retail showdown of the 21st century -- in this infographic that developed for

Walmart, as you can see, is far ahead of Amazon in terms of revenue -- $408 billion in 2010 compared to Amazon's $34 billion -- but the e-retailer is closing that gap by offering goods for less in a convenient marketplace. With projected revenue growth that appears to be exponential rather than linear, like that of Walmart, Amazon could overtake the big-box by 2024.

Infographics are always a bit of a hodgepodge of statistics culled from a variety of sources. Here, we sort through the clutter and pull out some of our favorite facts and figures:

  • Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart employees 2.1 million people, but they only make an average of $8.86/hour. A software developer for Amazon, which is based in Seattle, earns about $90,000/year. The online superstore employs 33,700 people.
  • In 2010, Walmart brought in about 12 times Amazon's revenues of $34 billion. 
  • With more than 200 million customers every week, Walmart accounts for over 13 percent of the consumer market; Amazon, on the other hand, counts just under 140 million customers every week and accounts for about 1/3 of U.S. e-commerce sales.
  • Believe it or not, Amazon, without counting shipping prices or sales tax, offers products at 19 percent less than Walmart, on average.
  • Amazon has the upper hand when it comes to brand performance: The company ranks number one for retail brand ranking; Walmart is ranked number two. In the customer service rankings, though, Amazon is number one and Walmart is number 10.

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