How to Get Around the New York Post Paywall

The Post is discriminating against iPad owners. Here's how they can fight back

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The New York Post has decided to prevent iPad owners from viewing its website unless they purchase the tabloid's $6.99 per month iPad app. It's an unusual policy given that news consumers using their personal computers can access an unlimited amount of Post stories for free. But if thrifty iPad owners can't bear to miss out on the Post's Page Six gossip, gruesome urban "slayings" and pun-fueled headlines, fear not: there are some workarounds.

Alternative browsers  While the iPad's default browser is Safari, users can download browsers such as Opera Mini , Atomic, iChromy, User Agent Faker (available on Cydia for jailbroken iPads) and Skyfire, which work perfectly.

Hacks  Though we haven't confirmed this yet, reader Tom_N says "if you change the browser's UAstring, they won't know that Safari is trying to run it and you will be able to read whatever you want. I don't own Apple products, but you might be able to do this." A number of readers at the tech site Slashdot also recommended changing the browser's user-agent string. However, in a moment of hack snobbery, commenter ColdWetDog says it's a waste of  time teaching hack tips for Post readers. "The intersection of the set of 'People who use an iPad and browse dumb sites like the NY Post' and 'People who understand what a User-Agent String is' is pretty much a null set."

Alternative platforms  Admittedly not helpful to iPad users, it's interesting to note that the New York Post is viewable on Safari via iPhone 4 and the native Blackberry Playbook browser, according to Hannah Bouckley at Recombu. Perhaps it's just a matter of  time until the Post starts blocking all tablet devices? We'll see.

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