Curbed Network Regroups After LulzSec-Related FBI Raid

FBI raided a server farm, but Curbed says the network will be restored today

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After more than 24 hours offline, the Curbed Network is coming back to life, its editors recovering from their surprise day-off margarita binge, and its Eater, Racked, and Curbed sites busily reporting on food, fashion, and real estate, respectively. The network isn't available to all yet, but it's doing a lot better than yesterday, when the FBI raided a server farm in Reston, Virginia, and confiscated the network's servers. Curbed editor Lockhart Steele told The Atlantic Wire that the network had moved to new servers and would be fully restored sometime today.

The FBI raid early Tuesday morning, which knocked out a other Web sites hosted by Switzerland's DigitalOne, seems to have been part of the hunt for members of Lulz Security, the hacking group that has targeted Web sites of the U.S. Senate, the Central Intelligence Agency, and an FBI affiliate, as well as a host of corporate targets. The New York Times' Bits Blog reports:

A government official who declined to be named said earlier in the day that the F.B.I. was actively investigating the Lulz Security group and any affiliated hackers. The official said the F.B.I. had teamed up with other agencies in this effort, including the Central Intelligence Agency and cybercrime bureaus in Europe.

Yesterday, authorities in the United Kingdom said they had arrested a key LulzSec member, but the group denied the 19-year-old, named Ryan Cleary, was any more than a peripheral associate. The FBI hasn't made public any arrests stemming from the server raid.

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