Comment of the Day: Some Nice Words for Gay Talese

A reader offers some best wishes we all share

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Today we ran narrative nonfiction icon Gay Talese's Media Diet. Talese's an old-fashioned guy: no Internet, just newspapers, books, and some tabloids while he's getting his shoes shined. Folks tweeted the piece all over the place, but reader Hudson shared some thoughts in the comments:

You deserve at least one comment, from a fellow reader.  May you live a longer, happy life.  This means, you might outlive books, as we know them.  But there will still be plenty of books around, and, sadly, you won't get through them all.  Here's to ya!

Warms our heart to see readers getting affectionate with Media Diet interviewees. So that's the Comment of the Day. If you're inclined, browse Open Wire, where you can share tips and links to the stories you think we should be covering.

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