Anonymous Welcomes LulzSec Members, Attacks Tunisian Site

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Despite having broadcast the disbanding of their group, members of LulzSec appear active as ever in new hacking adventures under the banner of AntiSec. Early Monday morning, a Twitter account attributed to Anonymous announced that AntiSec, the hacking groups collaboration with LulzSec members, had taken over the Tunisian government's website. The site appeared to be operational again soon thereafter, but not until after the International Business Times posted a screenshot of AntiSec's warning to the Tunisian government. It cites Tunisia's recent history of internet censorship as motive:


The release concludes, according to the IB Times, "We are Anonymous, We are LulzSec, We are People from around the world who are stepping in the name of freedom." 

The attack on Tunisia seems minor compared to some of Anonymous's crippling hack on Sony or AntiSec's recent release of confidential law enforcement documents. In fact, as the letter mentions, Tunisia has been a target of Anonymous for quite some time. But the group's activity does show one thing: LulzSec mischief is far from over. It's just being attributed to AntiSec now. And based on calls to action, it seems like the groups are spinning the weekend's events into a recruiting opportunity.

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Both LulzSec and Anonymous are assertively Upon announcing their disbandment, LulzSec pointed its followers to Anonymous for future hacking fun. From their main account, LulzSec tweeted Saturday, "Finally, we encourage all future #AntiSec enthusiasts to join the AnonOps IRC… and follow @AnonymousIRC for glory!" (The tweet points to an IRC chat for AntiSec.) The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports that the @AnonymousIRC account gained 60,000 new followers within the next 24 hours. Anonymous also confirmed the LulzSec assimilation on Twitter. "We can confirm that all @LulzSec members have reported aboard. #AntiSec will have full support from #Anonymous and LulzSec. Expect us, soon," they said.

After this morning's attack on Tunisia, Anonymous reiterated their point, "We like to clarify again: All LulzSec members are accounted for, nobody is hiding. Only a name was abandoned for the greater glory #AntiSec."

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