Web Buttons Boom: Get Ready for Google's '+1' and Twitter's 'Follow'

The latest in things for web browsers to click on in order to express ambivalent emotions

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Google already screwed up their next social product launch today when a launch partner accidentally tipped off TechCrunch to the big news. After Google taunted the blog's MG Siegler with the promise of a juicy exclusive if he agreed to embargo the story until they were ready to make their announcement, Clearspring's PR company sent Siegler an email with the giveaway: "I understand that Google planned to reach out to you about the new Google +1 button for websites that they’ll be unveiling shortly. I thought you might be interested in speaking with Hooman Radfar, CEO of Clearspring, about the company’s role as a launch partner for Google +1."

Tomorrow, the company is expected to make the full announcement of the +1 button which publishers can add to their website and offer another confusing thing to click on in order to express an ambivalent emotion. Similar to Facebook's Like button, the +1 button adds a social layer that tracks how users respond to things and presumably may help provide better search results, more targeted ads and so forth.  The news wasn't all that revelatory as Google announced the button two months ago--The Atlantic Wire's John Hudson provides a useful explanation of how it works here--and the company also accidentally leaked its plans to release a +1 Chrome app in a promotional video.

Also trending in button news: Twitter adds a new "Follow" button that impresses few and surprises none.

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