Video of the Day: Jet Approaching Heathrow Hit by Lightning

An Airbus A380 and all 500 passengers and crew members onboard were unharmed when a bolt of lightning passed right through the body of the plane as it traveled from Dubai to London's Heathrow airport last month.

"Planes get hit by lightning several times a year," David Learmont, the operations and safety editor of Flightglobal, told the Daily Mail. He was unsurprised that the Airbus landed safely. "[Planes] act as a conductor. Getting a good strike like this can look very dramatic but it might not many any impact." Airplanes are designed to survive conditions like this. "Manufacturers must make aircraft capable of withstanding a lightning strike and protecting those inside," Learmont explained. "It means the plane's body must contain metal so it can act as a conductor, allowing the electricity to pass through it. If it didn't have metal, the plane could explode when hit."

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