Sony Hit with Two New Cyber Attacks

The embattled videogame maker gets kicked while it's down

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Sony was hit with two new cyber attacks Friday as it continued to recover from the devastating security breach it endured earlier this month. The first attack was rather minor and involved a breach in the web server that hosts Sony's Thai site. As reported by the security firm F-Secure today, the official homepage of Sony Thailand is being used to host a phishing site for an Italian credit card company. "Basically this means that Sony has been hacked," writes F-Secure. The other attack is more malicious. About 100,000 yen ($1,225) was stolen from Sony customer accounts in Japan, reports Reuters. An intruder reportedly penetrated Sony's online infrastructure and stole virtual points from account holders. “What we've done is stopped the... points exchanges and told customers to change their passwords,” said Sony's internet service provider, So-Net. Peter Bright at Ars Technica says today's attack "shows that Sony's online troubles aren't over yet—and that the entire company needs to take online security more seriously." Meanwhile, the hacker group known as Anonymous, which is waging a campaign against Sony for suing a customer for modifying his PlayStation, appeared pleased by the developments. In its patently crude webspeak, the groups Twitter account messaged:

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