Video of Bin Laden's Compound Burning from the Abbottabad Tweeter

Sohaib Athar's uploads are earning him praise as a citizen journalist

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Sohaib Athar, the somewhat grumpy Abbottabad resident who who tweeted the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, has been sharing all sorts of media from his neighborhood, including a tour of the town. His diligent recording of facts has been praised by Poynter as the kind of citizen journalism that can separate rumor from truth.

Athar's latest report is this YouTube video showing the compound hours after the attack. The building is seen burning in flames as onlookers wander nearby. While reports from U.S. officials maintain that U.S. Navy SEALs blew up a malfunctioning helicopter after the raid, it wasn't clear that the compound was set ablaze (the extent of the burning appears that the fire had spread). Athar uploaded the video, but he says it was shot by a local shopkeeper:

It's worth noting that it's a similar scene that Reuters has which was taken from a mobile phone video:

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