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Groupon is chomping at the bit to to go public, reports Kara Swisher at All Things D. The daily deal site that Forbes called the “fastest growing company ever” may file an IPO as soon as this week, if Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley let them. Swisher says the banks want Groupon to get "all its investment banking ducks in row" before filing. The early filing, which could reportedly value the company at $15 billion, is being attributed to the company's young, cocksure CEO Andrew Mason who wants to grow the company as fast as possible. And you can't blame him, says Molly McHugh at Digital Trends.

"Groupon’s value has risen to an estimated $15 billion or so, and with the oversaturation of the deal-a-day market being what it is, no one can really blame CEO Andrew Mason and his team for wanting to jump ship while the company is worth so much," she writes. Meanwhile, Business Insider's Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry emphasizes the complexity of the IPO process. "There's a fair bit of bureaucracy involved," he writes. "And that's only the beginning -- after that you have to go with your banker to meet a bunch of institutional investors who have to agree to buy your stock so the IPO doesn't flop."

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