Google Maps Will Soon Let You See Inside Buildings

The search giant will give you superman's powers starting next week

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This will be interesting. Starting next week, Google Maps will allow users to peer inside the walls of select buildings, getting a panoramic, 360-degree visual of the inside layout. It's called Business Photos and it allows any business to invite a Google photographer onto its premises and capture the interior. So instead of just being able to see the street-view of a coffee shop, restaurant or music venue, you can get a virtual tour from the comfort of your own home. The May launch was announced today at San Francisco's Social Loco conference by Google VP Marissa Mayer. Businesses can apply now here at no cost.

Should be great for newly-renovated restaurants to boast their new digs (not to mention the employment prospects of thousands of freelance photographers). It'll be interesting to see if it takes off, or if business owners will be leery of inviting Google onto its premises. Here's the promo video:

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