Your Kid Wants an iPad 2

productinfo.jpgForget Cabbage Patch dolls and Barbie. Leave the Hot Wheels and video games on the shelf. K'nex and erector sets? No thanks. What your kid wants for his or her next birthday is an iPad 2. Cost too much? Too bad. As early as next month, you're going to start hearing about all the other kids who have the latest Apple gadget.

Yesterday morning, received a tip that Toys R' Us was in the process of training its employees on how to sell the tablet. Rumors like this have gone around in the past, but ModMyi later updated their post with the image seen at right, a product knowledge sheet distributed to employees so that they could become familiar with the second generation iPad.

"If the iPad 2 joins the Toys R' Us product roster next month, it will mark yet another significant move by Apple to expand the company's retail horizon," according to's Michael Essany. "From Best Buy and Walmart to Target and (possibly) now Toys R' Us, the second generation Apple tablet is clearly receiving no shortage of shelf exposure across the broad consumer retail sector."

The first iPad debuted last April in about 1,200 locations, according to the Unofficial Apple Weblog. It's successor is already available in more than 10,000 storefronts across the country, including Apple's own stores. Joining the other products on sale at Toys R' Us would add about 1,300 locations to the iPad's already-impressive list of distributors. But will the product move? Or, with a $499 starting price and a spot next to hundreds of cheap plastic imports, will it inspire sticker shock in parents everywhere?