The iPod Nano Could Be Getting Its Camera Back in September

2_201104020400341.jpgWhen Apple made the decision to shrink the iPod Nano down to a tiny 1.5-inch device in 2010, it killed the built-in video camera that was a widely-praised addition just the year before. But rumors -- and this photograph (shown at right) which leaked on Taiwanese Mac blog -- suggest that, with the next generation, Apple could be bringing back the camera without having to increase the size of the unit.

"It would be interesting to speculate how you'd shoot with such a small camera, but one obvious method would be to clip it on lapel-style, turning the Nano into sort of a spycam with the proper camouflage," wrote Cnet's David Carnoy after discovering the leaked photograph. Like the Looxcie wearable camcorder, the iPod Nano's camera could function as a lifestreaming device while still performing as a portable mp3 player.

Apple has not yet announced a launch date for the next iPod Nano model -- the device's seventh -- but past cycles would suggest that all of the iPod products will go through a major upgrade in September. And keep in mind that photographs of in-development Apple products, both real and Photoshopper, are leaked all the time. The few sites that have already reported on this image, though, seem confident that it is reliable. "has been relatively accurate in the past, leaking legitimate images of Verizon iPhone 4 schematics from Foxconn, the mini touch-screen found in the current iPod nano, accurate iPad 2 details, and more," according to 9to5 Mac.