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Two weeks ago, The New York Times Dealbook breathlessly reported that the tech giant was trying to sign up the former White House spokesperson for a senior communications position in order to manage the corporation's delicate public image. At the time, the Wire observed that Gibbs had a dilemma: work on Obama's reelection campaign or take a multi-million dollar position in Palo Alto. Now, though, the New York Post's Page Six is reporting that Gibbs might not have such a difficult decision.

An anonymous source described the talks between Gibbs and Facebook in bizarre dating terms: "Some people liked him, some people liked him a lot and others didn't. It wouldn't be fair to say the date was great, but it wouldn't be fair to say the date was terrible. There was no marriage proposal." The "sources" also suggested that that Gibbs planted the Dealbook story just to get an interview. Gibbs denied that, emailing Page Six, "I am not the source of [Andrew Ross Sorkin's] story ... The only time I have ever dealt with him was to tell him no comment." As for the job talks, he just brushed off the gossip: "Nobody has offered me anything... I'm giving speeches. I'm not going to comment on any of this stuff."

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