Picture of the Day: An Astronaut's View of the Tien Shan Mountains


Extending more than 1,500 miles across Central Asia, the Tien Shan is one of the longest continuous mountain ranges anywhere on Earth. This photograph, which documents the central section of the range that lies about 40 miles easy of the spot where Kazakhstan, Krgyzstan and China all meet, was taken by the Expedition 27 crew from the International Space Station.

"Two high peaks of the central Tien Shan are identifiable in the image," according to NASA. "Xuelian Feng has a summit of 21,414 feet (6,527 meters) above sea level. To the east, the aptly-named Peak 6231 has a summit 6,231 meters, or 20,443 feet, above sea level."

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Image: NASA.