Picture of the Day: A Computerized Atlas of the Human Brain


Yesterday, a team of scientists funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen unveiled an interactive computerized atlas of the brain. "Until now, a definitive map of the human brain at this level of detail simply hasn't existed," Allan Jones, the chief executive of the Seattle-based Allen Institute for Brain Science, told the Wall Street Journal. "For the first time, we have generated a comprehensive map of the brain that includes the underlying biochemistry."

The complete atlas (the photograph above is of one thin slice of human brain tissue that was used in its construction) will be available for free at www.brain-map.org to be used as a resource for scientists. With more than 100 million data points, the existing atlas, which was built using two brains donated for research, is large -- but not complete. The team at the Allen Institute will add eight more brains to the collection by the end of next year.

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Image: Allen Institute for Brain Science.