For Once, People Rejoice at Twitter's Tech Problems

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For reasons not yet fully explained Twitter decided to disable "new Twitter" on Tuesday evening, reverting to its old self (or "retro" self as Twitter referred to the reversion on its update page) and allowing some portion of its more than 200 million users to experience the simple, nostalgic pleasure of the pre-September 2010 redesign.

Speculating on the source of the issue, MSNBC reported that "a custom-built data center in Utah that was meant to house Twitter's gear has been plagued with problems, according to people familiar with the matter, forcing Twitter to move most of the site's operations to a facility in Sacramento, California instead." 

Whatever the cause, many users were happy with the result (and/or happy to make fun of the result), as sampling of tweets that used the hashtags #oldtwitter, #simpletwitter and #failwhale reveal.  Among the funniest that we saw (given the limitations of searching and viewing using #oldtwitter) were:


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