Nelson Mandela Is Now on Twitter (All Thanks to This British Guy)

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Former South African president Nelson Mandela just scored a major perk: The rights to his own Twitter account. The handle @NelsonMandela had been registered by Richard Millington, a British online consultant. But today the Nelson Mandela Foundation announced that Millington has gladly relinquished it. "We are extremely pleased with Mr Millington’s response," said a spokesperson from the foundation. "Millington did not hesitate when we contacted him last week requesting that we take over the page he had created." The foundation didn't waste any time with the newly-acquired account, slapping a logo on the handle and tweeting about various foundation-related events.  Millington has responded in a tweet saying it was no biggie:

The peaceable solution is rarity in the long history of cybersquatting. Jay Leno took a Texas man to court for using the domain name to redirect visitors to his real estate website. Pop star Madonna also took a man to court for registering the domain and using it as porn site. And who can forget The Daily Caller's acquisition of, which, though still in operation, resulted in its own high-profile flame war. Way to go, Rich!

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