The Latest Craze: Hi-Res Bird Hatching Videos

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Spring is here! Let the cycle of rebirth, renewal, and bird-hatching videos begin. This week, some of our favorite publications sated our voyeuristic appetites with live video feeds directed at the home-life of large birds. This, it appears, is in vogue.

Over at The New York Times, Emily Rueb has a new feature called "Hawk Cam: Live from the Nest," which chronicles the lives of two red-tailed hawks named Violet and Bobby who built a nest on the 12th floor of the Bobst Library at NYU. An environmental studies professor christened the two hawks, whom he spotted mating a few weeks ago. He placed a camera next to the nest and, in the last few days, it revealed three white eggs and two with "dark speckles." They'll of course keep us updated when the eggs begin to hatch (Rupert Murdoch, are you watching? Where's The Wall Street Journal's bird couple?):

Watch live streaming video from nytnestcam at

Elsewhere in the bird cam world, the national press is engrossed with a pair of eagles in Decorah, Iowa who've been hatching eggs this week. "Two down, one to go!" reads a Huffington Post lead from a half hour ago. "Third Egg to Hatch Soon?" asks an anticipatory NPR. "Eagle cam is a wild treat for the family" reads a USA Today headline. As Wired magazine explains, the birds are being watched from their nest in a cottonwood tree near a fish hatchery. The Raptor Resource Project is filming them with a high tech camera that "gets so close, you can count the scales on the eagles’ feet." But that third egg is still due to crack, so without further ado, here's the live stream:

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

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