Does Google Have a Double Agent at Twitter?

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Woe is Twitter.  It's recent efforts to procure tax breaks in order to stay in the city of San Francisco are being labeled "extortionary" by some. Yesterday it had to the revert to the "old twitter" after a site upgrade wreaked havoc with their systems. And now comes news that their efforts to poach top talent from Google are being thwarted by what TechCruch is calling "a high level mole" someplace at the microblogging service.

According to the TechCrunch piece by site founder Michael Arrington, "multiple sources close to Twitter have said that someone with access to Twitter’s most confidential information, such as who they are interviewing for key executive spots, may be leaking that information directly to Google."

The tip-off: In at least one case Google is said to have made a counteroffer before the person in question alerted management that they had an offer from Twitter. Whether this is damning evidence, anticipatory management or just the result of an overeager HR person remains to be seen. Also worth noting:  Google's counter-offers (the bulk of which take the form of stock options) are generous. We're talking eight-figure generous, at least in the case of the two examples mentioned in the TechCrunch piece. Pretty strong motivation for dusting off the resume and putting on a suit, if only as a ploy.

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