The Daily by Tweet Volume

The publication's success (or lack thereof) measured through tweets

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The Daily is a product of two fairly secretive companies--Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, and Apple--so it's no surprise that information about the publication has been sufficiently hard to procure. Us media types, we're dying to see if The Daily's iPad-only blend of irreverent reporting is actually working, while real circulation figures have proven difficult if not impossible to procure.

The Nieman Journalism Lab compiled the chart above with some help from social media firm PostRank as an attempt to measure The Daily's success through the amount of times its stories have been tweeted from within the Daily App, by date. More readers would conceivably generate more tweets, goes the assumption. As Joshua Benton at Nieman explains: "While a certain amount of decline would be expected after the initial rush of attention, the fact that there’s never been an appreciable, sustained uptick in sharing isn’t cause for optimism." It's worth checking out their full analysis as well.

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