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If you missed the Internet's birthday Thursday, don't worry. It's happening again on September 2, October 29, and January 1. Commenter Alexander Furnas offered a compelling metaphor to make sense of the web's various born-on-dates. All you have to do is pretend the greatest achievement of the digital age is a small child.

I vote for the October 29th date.
To extend the "Birthday" metaphor:
April 7 = Conception: It was an RFC based on research that had not been implemented yet - this is the scientific equivalent of a "twinkle in dad's eye."
September 2 = fetal gestation: A local connection was established in Kleinrock's lab. The lab, essentially was the womb where it developed.
October 29 = Birth: the Internet came out of the womb and entered the big world and took its "first breath of life."

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