By the Numbers: Apple's Second Quarter Earnings

Revenue, sales and profits are up -- and so is everything else. We take a look at just the figures from Apple's latest report.

It's no surprise, with the release of the iPad 2 and an updated line of MacBook Pros, that Apple beat estimates once again when it announced its earnings for the second quarter of the year (ended March 26, 2011) earlier this afternoon. But after a lengthy earnings call, dozens (hundreds?) of posts and stories on technology-focused blogs and an unnecessarily complicated press released, let's boil it down to what everyone really cares about: the numbers. Here, for you, simple and scannable:

  • Revenue: $24.67 billion (up 83 percent)
  • Net profit: $5.99 billion (up 95 percent), or $6.40 per diluted share
  • Gross margin: 41.4 percent (compared to 41.7 percent last year)
  • International sales: 59 percent of the quarter's revenue
  • iPhones sold: 18.65 million (up 113 percent)
  • iPads sold: 4.69 million (Apple won't release a number for just iPad 2s)
  • Macs sold: 3.76 million (up 28 percent)
  • iPods: 9.02 million (down 17 percent)
  • iTunes: $1.4 billion in sales (up from $1.1 billion)
  • iOS: 189 million sales
  • Apple retail stores: 71.1 million visitors (up from 47 million)
  • Apple retail stores revenue: $3.19 billion (up 90 percent)
  • Cash and cash equivalents: $65.8 billion

Apple also made some predictions for the third quarter of 2011. Among them, revenue of $23 billion, or $5.03 per diluted share. Based on performance this past quarter (the only disappointing figure was the number of iPads sold, but it's excusable given the supply shortage after a devastating Japanese earthquake), it seems like they're selling themselves short for April through June.