September Arrival of the New iPhone is Looking Likely

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A Reuters report by Kelvin Soh in Hong Kong this morning is adding credibility to rumors that Apple will ship its next-generation iPhone in September, after beginning production on the new smartphone in July or August. Three unnamed sources tell the news agency that the iPhone 5 will look similar to the iPhone 4 but have a faster processor. If the reports are true, this year would mark the first time that Apple hasn't released a new iPhone in the summer. As tech blogs digest the news, they're adding additional insights about the much-anticipated device:

New Release Schedule: Josh Ong at Apple Insider points out that a Concorde Securities analyst told the blog earlier this week that the iPhone 5 would go into mass production in September, corroborating previous reports from other analysts. Seth Weintraub at 9 to 5 Mac adds that while "it isn't certain why Apple chose to deviate from its previous June/July schedule," the company may be trying to position iPhones as the "new back to school items" or grouping them with iPod releases. Other blogs cited supply disruption related to the earthquake in Japan or delays in Apple releasing its production roadmap as reasons why the phone might not be released until the fall. One commenter at MacRumors, however, appears to have release date-fatigue. "How many more times are various sources gonna reiterate that iPhone 5 is to come out in Fall?" the commenter asked.

New Features: Ong writes the iPhone 5 is expected to include the A5 processor currently found in the iPad 2 and an 8-megapixel rear camera.

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