Apple's shiny new iPad 2 will hit shelves this coming Friday and the old model, only 11 months old at this point, will be replaced by tens of thousands of users. Instead of stuffing it into a junk drawer with those unused cell phones or tossing it in the garbage, consider the alternatives. Macworld's Lex Friedman has laid out some of your options, including giving it away (to your wife or to charity), selling it (through Craigslist, eBay or one of several buyback services) and finding a new life for it.

Of course, just because you're camping out in front of your favorite Apple Store so that you can be first in line to buy an iPad 2, you don't need to part ways with your original iPad at all. With a minimal amount of effort, you can turn that iPad into a more singularly-focused technology device.

If you're an avid reader, that old iPad could become a dedicated e-reading device once you get your hands on an iPad 2.

For instance, why turn to Amazon's Kindle if you can convert that older iPad into a dedicated e-reader? Just equip that old iPad with the reading app of your choice--whether it's the Kindle app, Apple's iBooks, or any of the other iPad e-reading apps available for download--and clear out your e-mail settings, games, and any push notifications to make the reading environment as distraction-free as possible.

Other options include propping up your iPad with the lock screen's built-in photo screensaver to make a fancy (if pricey) digital photo frame. Alternatively, use an app like iRule to turn your iPad into an oversized, hard-to-lose universal remote control. With an app like TouchPad, you can create a virtual Magic Trackpad of sorts. And you could even enlist your old iPad as an external monitor, usingĀ Air Display.

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