It isn't pretty, but BitDefender just-released (massive) infographic on the most popular Facebook scams does contain a few interesting numbers. The Internet security provider used statistics gathered by Bitdefender safego, a free tool designed to protect accounts on social networking sites from privacy risks, to build out a list of the top scams and the top countries for scammers. The U.S. -- no surprise here -- is number one. It's followed by India, the U.K., Canada and Australia.

Give this infographic a quick scan: Being aware of the different scams out there is probably the best way to avoid them when you visit your own Facebook page. Be weary of status updates about shocking images ("you will never again after seeing this"), social game bonuses and profile traffic insights, which, with nearly 35 percent of the market, is the most popular type of scam. It's not just you: Everyone, it turns out, wants to know who has been viewing their profile. Resist the urge. Using data provided by URL shortening services, BitDefender found that the "See who viewed your profile" scam generated more than 1.4 million clickthroughs.

"According to our statistics, stalker-like scams have collected approximately one million and a half clicks per wave," said George Petro, BitDefender's threat intelligence team leader. "These figures help us find a possible explanation for the fact that these scams are increasingly cloned on other social platforms, such as Twitter."

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