To Make Quick Cash, Sell Drugs--Or Sit Outside an Apple Store

One woman sold her spot in line at the iPad release for $900

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We at the Wire would like to congratulate Amanda Foote, college student and genius entreprenuer, for finding probably the best and easiest way to make $900 in just a little less than two days. Foote, we find out from Mashable, arrived at the Manhattan Apple store on Wednesday evening to secure her spot as the first person in line for the iPad 2 release. For the next 21 hours she endured rain, cold, a hard ground and even a doughnut thief, but it was all worth it. On Friday morning Foote got what she came for: not an iPad 2, but $900 for her prime real estate at the head of the line.

So that got us to thinking: how many ways are there for a college student to earn $900 in two days? We did the math. Turns out waiting in a line at Apple might be more profitable than selling drugs. It's hard to tell, of course, given that there aren't exactly official numbers for a black market substance, but at an Internet-sourced $150 for an 8 ball (3.5 grams) of cocaine in New York City, Foote would have had to sell 21 grams or .74 of an ounce, while risking serious jail-time, to make as much money as she did sitting outside the Apple store eating doughnuts for two days. Or if she were a Colombian farmer back in 2000 (we like this stat--it comes from Congress) she would have had to fork over a kilo. If Foote, on the other hand, had a large amount of high-quality marijuana at her disposal, she would have had to sell 2.6 ounces of it at New York prices to come close. We're not sure whom to congratulate, here--Amanda Foote, for making as much money as possible by sitting in the cold, or Apple, for producing a product which can compete this well with pot and narcotics.

This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.