Rebecca Black More Googled Than Libya: Worst Google Trend Yet?

The Internet hands us a lot of these, but somehow this one seems particularly depressing

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We here at the Atlantic Wire like to believe that we are not given to falling into hysterics about cultural endtimes brought on by the Internet. We love a good YouTube video just as much as we love us some classic tales about Mahler. We thrive on the many whims of the blogosphere, be they relatively high-minded or low. And naturally we know that Google Trends tends to expose plenty we didn't really want to know about society at large.

But we also know when enough is enough. Enough, for example, would be the discovery today that Rebecca Black ranked higher in trend-rating for Google searches than Libya in the month of March thus far. (Don't even ask about global warming compared to Angry Birds). Rebecca Black, for those who haven't caught on to the meme yet, is thirteen. We will let you pass judgment on the merits of her music video. Just don't Google her. Resist.

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