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Last week, a video of a man demonstrating how to control a Times Square jumbo screen with his smartphone spread rapidly across the Web with almost 3 million views. It was eventually declared a hoax intended to market a new movie, but it gave a 27-year-old from Toronto the inspiration to try it for real. And last night, with the help of a technician from Spectacular Design Group, he succeeded.

At 8 p.m., a 50-foot high image of Adi Isakovic's dog appeared for several minutes in the heart of Manhattan:

The experiment was by all accounts a technical success. But it's definitely missing the pizazz of the original hoax video. Isakovic just kind of stands there in front of the screen like he's done it a thousand times. And in terms of plaudits, barely anyone in Times Square noticed, reports the Times reporter on the ground. "Most people, even those who were taking photographs of the giant screens in the square, were oblivious," writes Joshua Brustein. A lesson for next time. If you want to spark some shock and awe into the veins of the interwebs, a little enthusiasm and balloons can't hurt:

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