Somebody call in the ACLU; this isn't the last we'll hear of this story. Alejandra Sosa, a 13-year-old student at Chapel Hill Middle School in Atlanta, was suspended from school after her principal forced her to delete a series of posts and comments on Facebook in which Sosa suggested that her teacher had bi-polar disorder and was a pedophile.

Sosa was called into the principal's office once the school's administrators were made aware of the existence of those comments -- and the replies other students posted to them.

While neither Sosa's parents, nor the parents of the other children involved, are claiming that what their children did is appropriate, they are accusing the school of violating their kids' privacy.

Chapel Hill staff didn't remark on that particular aspect of the situation, and instead "referred a reporter to a portion of the school code that the children are accused of violating. It's a "level one" offense, the worst possible: "Falsifying, misrepresenting, omitting, or erroneously reporting" allegations of inappropriate behavior by a school employee toward a student."

According to the parents of the suspended children, they have hired a lawyer to represent their children during an upcoming tribunal which will decide the potential expulsions -- and they intend to keep appealing as often as they can and need to in order to keep their kids from being shipped off to a school for troubled children.

Read the full story at MSNBC.

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