Nothing Says I'm Sorry Like A 24-Cent Netflix Credit

Company makes amends for Tuesday's streaming video disruption...kind of

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Netflix is offering all its customers a 3 percent credit on their next monthly bill in the wake of Tuesday's two-hour streaming video outage. As corporate mea culpas go, it is better than nothing, but not by much. Forbes's Eric Savitz points out that customers on the standard $7.99 monthly plan will be getting 24 cents.

A single-digit percentage account credit has been Netflix's go-to "we're sorry" apology bouquet. Similar offers were sent out to customers after outages in October and November. Previously, the company had been more generous, offering a 5 percent credit following an 11-hour service outage in March of 2008. A three day outage in August of 2008 prompted 15 percent refunds.

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