Mark Zuckerberg Wants You to See Him Snuggle His Puppy

The Facebook CEO opens a Facebook Fan Page for his Hungarian sheepdog

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Mark Zuckerberg is very proud of his latest acquisition, a 3-month-old Hungarian sheepdog named Beast. That name seems to have been chosen sans crowdsourcing--unlike fellow recent puppy-acquirer, Vladimir Putin, Zuckerberg has not yet turned to the public for advice. That said, the Facebook CEO and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan recently opened a Facebook fan page for the pup. It's loaded with all sorts of cloying details: "I am extremely cute" reads the dog's biography. His personal interests include "Cuddling, Loving and Eating." Bonus: the page displays a series of snuggle photos with Zuckerberg holding the animal and glancing at it with a sleepy-eyed, affectionate gaze:

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