After Thanking God for the Japan Quake, A Troll Comes Clean

How a woman posing as an offensive Christian managed to piss off the whole web

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3/16 Update: The self-declared YouTube troll spoke to The Atlantic Wire about who she is and why she enjoys posting offensive internet videos.

The young woman who took YouTube by storm Monday by praising God for the death of Japan's "atheist" earthquake victims has come clean."I've been making troll videos for a while now," said YouTube user Tamtampamela. "But this last one seems to have pissed off a lot of people."

Indeed it did. In her video, she had said, "God is such an amazing God, he is so good and so loving and it's amazing to see how fast God answers prayers sometimes. On Wednesday at the start of Lent, believers all over the world came together and we have been praying specifically for God to open the eyes of atheists all over the world... And just a few days, not even a few days later, God shook the country of Japan. He literally grabbed the country by the shoulders and said 'Hey look, I'm here.'

By Monday evening, Tamtampamela's atheist-bashing rant had spread rapidly across Twitter and Youtube and on sites such as Vanity Fair, Gawker, Perez Hilton, Richard Dawkins, The Miami New Times, and the Examiner. Each time shared with more outrage and astonishment at how an affable, soft-spoken young woman could be so calous as to praise God for the devastating quake. "Words cannot properly describe how disturbed we are by this video," wrote Perez Hilton. "Here are some of your terrible citizens, America!" wrote Gawker's Richard Lawson.

But it was, of course, all an act. Over the last couple years, Tamtampamela has been one of the most-debated trolls on the Internet. Until early this morning she had a broad catalogue of fringe-Christian satire denouncing the "gay men" who listen to Lady Gaga, America's "anti-Christ" president Barack Obama and people who lie who ultimately will "burn in hell."

Hours after she came clean (see video below), she deleted her account and poof! one of the Internet's most-talked about trolls was gone:

Though most people were first exposed to Tamtampamela on Monday, the debate about her authenticity had raged on for at least a year. Earlier this month, YouTube user Troll News suspected her of being a troll in a web video published Thursday. Upon viewing the video yesterday, we doubted it ourselves. One of the more suspicious giveaways was a T-shirt she wore in her "Everyone's Going to Burn in Hell" video. For a few brief seconds, it's apparent that the shirt has the Communist sickle and hammer symbol—not necessarily the garb of a George Bush-loving evangelist. Then, upon further investigation, it was apparent that that it had the word "evolve" on it—a theory she routinely chastised as being un-Christian.

So why did she decide to expose herself now?

According to her video, she said she was "tried of getting pizza," which likely refers to her home address receiving pizza delivery orders from outraged web users who got ahold of her personal information. According to the TNT magazine she received "threats of death and rape" after her phone number and address were published in online forums.

As a rule, trolls thrive off attention, especially negative attention. But everyone has their limit and it seems Tamtampamela had had enough.

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