Gaga's Awkward Visit to the Googleplex

The fame monster spills her guts in an awkward and inspiring Q&A

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In a big get for its Musicians@Google series, Google has roped in pop mega star Lady Gaga for a freewheeling Q&A with VP Marissa Mayer. Silicon Valley tech giants have been on a tear lately, roping in top-shelf stars such as Snoop Dog , Katy Perry and Conan O'Brien. But just because these stars succeed stunningly on the companies' platforms doesn't mean bringing them in for a chat is going to run smoothly. Mayer's interview with Gaga is littered with awkward, confusing moments like when the pop star explained the "negative effect" of music existing on the Internet:

Gaga: "The negative effect is you sort of quite mathematically input your songs and your soul into a computer and out spits out charts"

Mayer: (nervous laughter... pause)

Gaga: "What I'm working on now is creating a fan experience that takes them away from the computer... I want the fans to experience the songs removed from the computer banter."

In another moment, Mayer revealed that she had dressed up as Gaga for Halloween, producing a photo that appeared on the projector screen.

Gaga didn't quite see it.

"Is it because it's a blonde in New York?"

"There are poker chips on my hat," explained Mayer with a long pause from Gaga. "...for Poker Face."

Still the interview produced interesting moments. Gaga revealed that she only had tattoos on her left half at the behest of her father who insisted at least one side of her body remain "normal." There was also Gaga's response to a YouTube fan asking her about her own experience with bullying:

"Bullying really stays with you your whole life and it never goes away and I know," Gaga said. "I was never the winner I was always the loser and that still stays with me. Do I want to stick it to anybody? No. I just want to make music."

She also revealed her favorite YouTube video of all time, David After Dentist.

"I love the boy when he comes home from the dentist. Because whenever I'm really tired before a show I go 'Is this real life?'"

Get comfortable for the video below. It's 72-minutes long:

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