Comment of the Day: Hating on Record Labels

A reader takes takes an extended metaphor and runs with it

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News that record label executives don't like Amazon's new streaming music service really ruffled the feathers of Wire reader TheRantGuy. The new service allows you to upload music files on Amazon's servers so you can listen to them anywhere. Music labels don't like it for two reasons: 1) they want users to pay for listening to music across different devices and 2) users could be uploading "unauthorized" downloads (i.e. pirated music). But TheRantGuy isn't having it.

Could somebody please tell the record label executives that you're not only closing the barn door after the horse has left but the horse went down the street, had a drink, met a cute horsette, had six baby horses, got dragged to the mall, went on a fishing trip with his horse buddies and retired already?

Lord...your model is dead...done...nobody wants CD's...nobody wants full's over...things change...I am not going to buy a record, then a tape, then a CD, then a super-CD, then a super-duper-CD of the same song over and over and over again.

I will buy it ONCE and then own it forever on ALL of my devices!

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