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Five years ago today, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey fired off the first tweet signaling the dawn of a new social network. Today the company services 140 million tweets per day and is valued at about $8 billion. Though Dorsey's maiden tweet was rather bland "just setting up my twittr," the micro-blogging service would eventually offer a range of inspiring, funny and moving moments over five years of tweets. (Yes, it also offered a lifetime's worth of mind-numbing, solipsistic drivel). Here are some Twitter's finest moments:

Best Fake Tweets

Tweeter: @BPGlobalPR

Tweet: "Catastorphe is a strong word, let's all agree to call it a whoopsie daisy."

Tweeter; @MrMedvedev

Tweet: "Extraordinary that US Congressman forced to quit over shirtless photo. In Russua we do not censure random acts of manliness."

Tweeter: @M_Ahmadinejad

Tweet: "Happy International Woman's Day! Now go make me a sandwich

Best Twitpics

The Miracle on the Hudson- Janis Krums tweeted "There's a plane in the Hudson. I'm on the ferry going to pick up the people":


When Beijing's CCTV tower went down in flames, courtesy Twitter user Green 67:

The 2010 Schultz Pass Fire, courtesy Lorraine B. Elder:

Celebrity Tweets

Tweeter: Arnold Schwarzeneggar

Tweet: " – I do still have the Conan sword @hidefnewscaps, and I keep it in my office. Here's a picture." 

Tweeter: Shaquille O'Neal

Tweet: "My genius is 1 percent. inspiration 99 percent. perspiration Shaquille o'neal

Twitter Spats


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