Apple iPad 2 Review Roundup: Steve Jobs Did It Again

The details have been out for some time now, but the newest iteration of Apple's tablet is finally reaching tech reporters around the world and they're starting to talk. There are some disappointments and poorly executed features, according to Walter Mossberg at All Things Digital, but the iPad is still the best tablet available to consumers today. Mossberg's qualified review is one of very few that don't put Apple CEO Steve Jobs on a pedestal for putting together another great product. David Pogue's review at the New York Times probably best sums up the feelings of many gadget gurus:

Apple nailed it, rejoices David Pogue at the New York Times, beating back the critics:

My friends, I'm telling you: just that much improvement in thinness, weight and speed transforms the experience. We're not talking about a laptop or a TV, where you don't notice its thickness while in use. This is a tablet. You are almost always holding it. Thin and light are unbelievably important for comfort and the overall delight. So are rounded edges, which the first iPad didn't have.

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