Anonymous Member Sneers at FBI

In a Vanity Fair interview, Gregg Housh says FBI raids don't scare him

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In the April issue of Vanity Fair, Vanessa Grigoriadis takes a deep dive into the male youth subculture that spawned Anonymous, the "hacktivist" group behind the cyber attacks against MasterCard and PayPal, and more recently the security firm HBGary Federal. The piece is a nice primer on the various stunts and pranks carried out by the hacker group.

One particularly notable quote Grigoriadis gets is from outed Anonymous member Gregg Housh, a 34-year-old computer engineer from Boston. As Grigoriadis describes the extensive number of FBI raids on several suspected Anonymous members, Housh explains why the WikiLeaks-friendly hacker group isn't likely to be thwarted or intimidated any times soon:

The FBI, the government, the Man, whatever you want to call them, doesn't know what they're doing because nothing they did now will change a thing. The fact is that, by today, half the people who were arrested are back online, because they know they haven't broken any laws! After all, that's the reason they acted out in the first place--to defend WikiLeaks, which hasn't broken any laws either.

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