You're Probably Wasting Hundreds of Dollars on Your Wireless Plan

If you're considering signing a new cell phone contract (perhaps you're switching from AT&T to Verizon?) anytime soon, take a look at the results of this year-long survey conducted by BillShrink, which found that most people overestimate their wireless data needs and pay for more than they need to. We've overcalculating by so much, in fact, that we could be handing over as much as $79 million more than is necessary every year.

A few key findings from the survey:

  • People estimate that they need 711 wireless anytime minutes per month, but in truth they need quite a bit less. BillShrink found 651 minutes to be the average
  • The average person uses 1,555 text messages per month, yet most consumers believe they use 2,566.
  • People assume that they need 54MB of data per month, yet most need 81MB. Ironically, most tiered carrier plans start at 150 MB.

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