Your Next Laptop Will Look Like Apple's MacBook Air

Whether you like Apple's latest laptop design or not, you might soon have to live with it if you plan on sticking with the clamshell-style products, according to Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. Makes sense: It's hard to see how this conventional design could get any smaller if we want to have both a fully functional keyboard and a large screen.

In case you're wondering where the laptop is headed--circa 2014--Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang offered what could be considered a highly educated guess in response to a question I posed to him in a phone interview today.

"You'll have trouble finding one that doesn't look like the MacBook Air," he said. "I think the Macbook Air is a good mental image of what a clamshell laptop will look like."

"They'll be thin because you won't need any heat pipes, the fan, and extra batteries to lug around," according to Huang.

Nvidia chips have played an important role in the MacBook Air. Apple chose Nvidia graphics silicon beginning with the second-generation Air. And its role eclipsed that of Intel in the 2010 MBA (third generation): Nvidia's GeForce 320M graphics processor is the only major logic chip to see a significant upgrade in the Air (Intel's silicon changed very little from second- to third-generation).

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