Video of the Day: Discovery Launch as Seen From an Airplane Window

We missed this video, which MSNBC picked up on its Cosmic Log three days ago, after Space Shuttle Discovery launched for its 39th and final time for a trip to the International Space Station. We've documented the flight in a few places across the site--in pictures with extended captions and on The Atlantic's In Focus with Alan Taylor ("Space Shuttle Discovery's Final Launch")--but this was worthy of one more post (until tomorrow?).

Here, a video of Discovery's launch that "software developer Neil Monday shot with his iPhone through the window of a commercial airplane flying out of Florida's Orlando International Airport," according to MSNBC. "A member of the flight crew can be heard on the interco, telling passengers to look out 'the right sde of the aircraft' ... and later on, someone jokes, 'we don't want to have anybody complain because we were late.'"

Via the Huffington Post.