Thsrs: The Shorter Thesaurus

Q: My Twitter messages always run too long; I'm constantly rewriting to get my tweets under the 140-character limit. How do I avoid this problem going forward?

Thsrs.jpgA: We're assuming that you already use a URL shortener to get rid of extraneous characters in any links that you're pushing out to your Twitter followers. Still, your tweets are running too long. You have to shorten them, but you don't want to lose the meaning. Ironic Sans is here to help, with a fun thesaurus tool, Thsrs (get it?), that doesn't just find synonyms, but finds synonyms for you that are shorter than the word you enter.

Thsrs, which lives on the Ironic Sans website, can be a bit of a hassle to use: You have to navigate to a separate webpage and enter your longest words just to save a few characters here and there. To help speed things up, install the Firefox or Internet Explorer plug-in.

Mashable noted that this is the perfect tool for "language snobs who'd rather change their choice of vocab than abbrev8." Count us among them.

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