Bloomberg: NYC Should Have a Facebook Page, Right?

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Everything else has an (ever-evolving) Facebook strategy, so why not New York City? Perhaps because mayor Bloomberg was a little skeptical of the social-networking juggernaut: "Where do they get the time to do it?" he asked in October. "Shouldn't, aren't--there have got to be other things in life to do." Skip ahead a couple months and it seems that the city will potentially be giving Facebook another go.

Rather than simply meeting with a few social media consultants to discuss strategy,  he went to the Zuck himself. Scheduled after the Facebook founder's savvy PR appearance on SNL, the mayor apparently was advised by Mark Zuckerberg about building a NYC Facebook site and mentioned his effort to harness crowd-sourcing in social media.

"People use Facebook to communicate a lot of times, and they could use it to share information," the "optimistic" mayor remarked (via the Daily News). "We're trying to catch up as fast as we can."

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