A Social Network for Parents

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Parents have long shared recommendations for things like schools, babysitters and doctors. Now, a new app from Red Rover offers an exclusive social networking site for parents to exchange such information and even make playdates. The app allows parents to publicize their current location to all or just some of their friends or invite people to specific plans.

Completely removed from Facebook, the Red Rover app requires users to invite friends to their own networks through email--an effort to preserve privacy. As Leena Rao points out at Tech Crunch, though, "the fact that the app doesn't include a way to import Facebook friends" also "makes it a little difficult to use." One particularly nifty feature: when searching for a restaurant or public pool to take their kids to, Red Rover users can click on two different tabs to find out whether the local in question has clean bathrooms and is kid-friendly. Check out how to use the app below.

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