Video of the Day: Everyone Knows Chicks Dig Vespas

Have you heard? Chicks dig vespas. Little Hokum Rag's Amy Crehore, an artist whose work has been featured in Esquire and Rolling Stone among other top-shelf magazines, unearthed this 1960s Vespas commercial on YouTube today.

I wasn't around back then, but the comments on the video, which has lived on YouTube for nearly three years now, seem to corraborate the title. User @flaminjoe111 writes: "nicest thing about those days was how the young lovely on the pillion sort of melted into you snuggled up reeeeeel close.... Ahhhh, memories, riding down the road at night after a great night out with her and friends, enjoying the magic of the moment...."

H/T BoingBoing. Via Little Hokum Rag.