Steve Jobs vs. Fake Steve Jobs

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One of the most popular spoof Twitter accounts may cease to exist if Apple gets its way. According to TechCrunch, the user behind @ceoSteveJobs claims Apple is pressuring Twitter to shut down the account. The anonymous user produced a letter from a Twitter representative insisting that he or she include "parody" or "fake" in the username.

Unsurprisingly the user doesn't want to make the adjustment because it would take away from the account's comedic effect. "Most parody doesn't blatantly label itself" the user explained. "That takes away the fun and the magic of it. If @bpglobalpr had been @fakebp, it wouldn't have caught on nearly as fast and might never have been as funny. Once you got the joke, the fact that it felt like it was really coming from BP made it all the funnier.”

Since November 2009, the @ceoSteveJobs account has been mimicking the more cultish tendencies of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "We have created for the first time in all history, a garden of pure ideology. Introducing the Mac App Store" the account said in a recent tweet. Should it be shut down? Alexia Tsotsis at TechCrunch can understand why Apple wants it taken down:

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"Last time the @ceoSteveJobs account made headlines it was because it had confused the UK's Daily Mail enough to publish a post quoting it as the real Steve Jobs account," Tsotsis explains. "So perhaps Apple's concerns are valid."

Meanwhile, Kat Hannaford at Gizmodo explains why shuttering the account would be a major loss:

It's the most popular fake Steve Jobs account (and there are many), but also one of the most popular parody accounts full stop--causing endless amusement to those who follow it, and those who see constant retweets in their feed of the witty observations of Apple’s 'revolutionary' launches."

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