Sony Bankrolls 3D Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Videos for PlayStation and TV

All of those guys who ran out and purchased 3D televisions this year because they had to have the latest gadgets only to find that they weren't very useful because not many people were offering programming have new cause to celebrate. Sony has signed on as the sponsor for a half-hour 3D video spinoff of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, which will debut this week at CES in Las Vegas. Sony expects that it may lose money on the video, but hope it will boost the demand for its own 3D TVs.

The "Swimsuit in 3-D" video is part of a bigger Swimsuit Issue pact between Time Inc.'s Sports Illustrated and Sony, which will also sell and rent 2-D swimsuit videos and photos through its networked devices.

And it's OK if the 3-D piece isn't huge yet, Sports Illustrated agreed. "As far as 3-D TV goes, the distribution is growing, but it's not at scale at this point in time," said Mark Ford, president of the sports group at Time Inc. "But when it is, we're going to be there as well."

The 3-D video is expected sell for $7.99 and rent for $4.99. Its 2-D equivalent is expected to sell for $6.99 and rent for $3.99. Sony plans to stoke demand with a free three-minute version.

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