Owner of Sex.com Domain Discusses Future Plans for the Site

Jeff -- not his real name; he wanted to remain anonymous, for now -- recently made waves when he purchased the domain name Sex.com for $13 million. TechCrunch nabbed an exclusive interview. Jeff has received a lot of offers, but he and his team are still deciding what they want to do now that they own one of the world's most valuable web destinations: He's hoping to do something more mainstream than online porn. The most surprising detail revealed in the interview is how much money the site is bringing in from placeholder advertisements even while Jeff sits around dreaming big dreams.

According to Jeff, Sex.com brings in quite some money even now that it's still parked. In fact, he claims the placeholder website receives more than 125,000 visitors on a daily basis, from all over the world (but mostly from the United States, India and Germany).

The ad-littered parking page was set up as a placeholder while he figured out how best to develop the domain name, but the revenues he's received from Sex.com already far exceed his expectations - he wouldn't provide more details, but says the page is on track to return well into seven figures a year.

That means that even if Jeff ends up never doing anything with it other than forwarding the domain name to a parked page, he could potentially still make $13 million from it by 2024, earning back his investment.

Obviously, that's not his goal. There are lots of opportunities to develop a domain name like Sex.com in my mind, adult businesses being an obvious choice. However, Jeff says he's gotten a handful of interesting offers from mainstream media companies, technology companies and even one from the pharmaceutical industry so far. He hasn't made up his mind on how to proceed with the commercialization of the domain name yet, but Jeff adds that he and his team have a deadline they're working towards.

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